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我们拥有最负盛名的活动/聚会场所集合。 AT Events Group专门为任何活动提供独特的场所-会议,企业招待,鸡尾酒会,晚宴,婚宴,电影和摄影。

每个活动场地都有自己的魅力,并提供真正独特的体验,从壮观的海港景色到具有教育和历史价值的场地或美丽的花园和户外设施。 许多是新加坡的标志性建筑和地标,是传统功能中心和酒店的绝佳替代品。


您是否正在寻找一个完美的活动/聚会场所,以考虑您的下一个活动场合……? 现在与我们联系,我们将为您安排场地选择和活动后勤。

Looking for a fun way to enjoy your next social event?
Stand out from the crowd with 360 video booth!

We've got 360 video booth for all events, from birthday parties to family gatherings or corporate meetings.

Be one of the first to experience 360 video booth, it's an immersive and fun way to capture special moments and express your emotions. #360portrait

Get ready for a memory-making experience with 360 Video Booth. #Singapore


*Package Include: 

Unlimited Video Shoot

Instant Download (QR Code/Whatsapp/Email/Airdrop)

Inhouse Props

On-site Crew Support

Custom Template Design

Custom Music Selection


*Contact 8282 7210 for rates. 

Ready To Plan Your Next Event?


Get in touch with our event management team at 8282 7210 and

we will help you bring your next event to life.

One-of-a-kind corporate event experience in Singapore as well as other Asia countries.


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Filming a Video
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